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Meet Sassy Sue

Welcome to the Cyber-hood

Meet Sassy Sue, Your personal shopping guru | Follow Sassy Sue on Facebook

(Shh, the first one flopped so this one is store-bought, but don’t tell anyone! Looks just the same, right?) Now let me tell you a little bit about myself…

Sassy Sue's Bio

Sassy Sue survived the rigors of nursing school only by way of a large helping of humor with a side of snarky and a sizable dose of blazing fashion. She never failed to bemoan the fates of nurses in shapeless scrubs, and has since gone on a crusade to dispel the contradiction of nurses looking hot. Sassy Sue has dubbed herself a ‘scrub fashion advocate’; otherwise known as one who badgers medical scrub manufacturers relentlessly to produce fashion-friendly scrubs, and dispenses free, unsolicited advice to nurses about wardrobe choices.

As your personal shopping guru, Sassy Sue is devoted to assisting nurses in all manner of shopping for nursing scrubs, whether with sizing tips, news on the latest trends, hot sales, or suggestions for accessorizing. Be warned, though, she doesn’t hold back. Sassy Sue’s advice is plentiful and honest, but know that it comes with truly good intentions.

She constantly pushes the boundaries of nursing fashion, often invoking the ire of more conservative members of the medical community. Sassy Sue has taken it upon herself to assist the unsuspecting customers of Medical Scrubs Collection in medical scrub selections. Medical Scrubs Collection takes no responsibility for Sassy Sue’s actions or possible inflammatory speech.

All About Me

Sassy Sue

In a small suburban New Jersey town that was “chronically style-challenged”
Favorite Color:
Blue, but handle with care. Pair it wrong and it makes me want to puke.
August 16, 1984. But seriously? None of your business.
Nurse; otherwise known as the only heart your doctor has.
Favorite TV Show:
The Mindy Project, New Girl
Petite; and a bit too 'hippy.'
Favorite Food:
Cronut, caprese salad
Favorite Diet:
The one that starts tomorrow.
Favorite Feature:
Smile. I have it down to a science; just the right amount of curve.
Worst Feature:
Blond hair, blue eyes. Does it get any more clichéd?
Guilty Pleasure:
Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

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