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As pioneers of the original medical scrubs, Landau claims to be 'made better.' With superior fabrics, unique designs, high quality workmanship, and affordable prices, we agree: Landau is 'made better.'
Landau is a third generation family business, heavily invested in bringing both men and women only the finest medical scrubs at an affordable price point. With a mantra of 'better,' Landau has taken apart the production of a single uniform to show just how they make their product a better one.
Better fabric? Check. For a roll of fabric to be considered for the production process, it must go through rigorous testing. Durability is key, along with shade consistency and color retention. In fact, once a fabric has been chosen, it goes through a dyeing and finishing process exclusive to Landau, so that the colors remain invariable from piece to piece and even from solids to prints.
Better design? Check. Landau was the first medical scrubs manufacturer to introduce color, and even printed scrubs, to the world of medicine. Today, they are still on the cutting edge of fashion, with an in house team of designers who work tirelessly to bring you chic scrubs that flatter.
Better workmanship? Check. Each and every garment is constructed and then fit on real life medical professionals so that they get a feel for the true customer. This also helps ensure that whichever position you may be in over the course of your day, whether standing, walking, or sitting, you will enjoy maximum comfort. Plus, a bigger size does not mean more fabric. Each size is proportionately scaled for a shape that truly compliments its wearer.
A Landau scrub made better won't disappoint!
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