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Carhartt Scrubs Models

A strong medical professional like yourself, deserves equally strong medical scrubs. By Carhartt, no less; a brand which has coded function as well as perfect fit and feel into the DNA of each scrub top, bottom, and lab coat.
If it doesn't have a purpose, it doesn't belong. Such is the motto of the Carhartt brand, where function is everything. Manufactured by a decades old company, renowned for their commitment to creating only the highest quality work-wear, Carhartt scrubs is the work-wear brand of scrubs. As such, every pocket placement is thought through, as is every pen holder, drawstring, and elastic. The idea is to provide each hardworking medical professional, whether man or woman, with a uniform that will work just as hard for them.
While function may be the first commandment when it comes to designing a Carhartt uniform, fit is a close second. The clean lines and tight seams, made possible by double and triple needle stitching, are further strengthened by a specialized reinforced thread. Coupled with Carhartt's innovative Ripstop fabric, known for its lightly sanded inside and consequent softness, you've got a uniform that fits and feels like a work-wear dream.
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