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As a medical professional you hold your head up with pride, having endured a grueling process to get to your current position. Barco medical scrubs reflect your determination and well-earned respect, with scrubs that exude luxury, style, and the prestige that is singular to the medical world.
The Barco scrub brand is rooted deeply in a legacy of quality and tradition, originating as the brainchild of Morris Barker in 1920. We’ve come a long way since 1920, but the company has remained true to its values of innovation and fashion fused with function, for the ultimate uniform.
With milestones such as their partnering with ABC to provide the Grey's Anatomy scrubs lines, and the development of arcTechnology fabrics, Barco scrubs stay true to the ideals that bring high quality clothing to those who need it most. Grey's Anatomy Signature Scrubs and NRG scrubs are two of a number of superior lines that Barco carefully cultivates to merit the likes of those who save lives on a daily basis.
Chin up, shoulders back, and walk with pride in scrubs that are fitting of a professional of your caliber.
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