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Our Story

Our story begins in 2008, but don't let our relative youth fool you. It's what makes us who we are. Inspired and founded by Jeff and Kathy Feldman, a dynamic husband and wife duo, Medical Scrubs Collection brings a fresh 'mom and pop' vibe to the healthcare industry. Here's how we do it.

A tree lined drive leads to the front door of the Medical Scrubs Collection headquarters in Howell, NJ. Here, an intimate staff is focused on bringing uncommon warmth to its day to day dealings with nurses and medical professionals. Or as we like to call you, 'Heroes in Scrubs'. While you’re hard at work saving lives, our small team and young blood strives to provide you with up-to-the-minute scrub styles, fashion tips, and sizing advice.

Yup, we’re small, and we’ll keep it that way, thank you very much. In fact, it's the reason we know you. We know what you like, we know what you ordered, and we get that you hate the puke green color of your new hospital-mandated scrubs. Which is why we’ll do everything we can to ease the transition. Promise.

Our Mission

No doubt, our team is great, but we also sell an exceptional product. How do we ensure this? Before introducing a new vendor, we put them through the wringer. Simply because we're heavily invested in making sure that only the best medical scrubs and medical accessories make it to you. You heard that the big guys have the most rigorous quality control? Uh-uh, we do, because ours is minus the impersonal, big warehouse feel.

Know this, dear customer. Whether it’s helping you find the perfect lab coat to secure your iPad or singling out metal-free scrubs you can wear for radiology, we will treat your needs the way you treat your patients – with singular focus and devotion. We’re sticklers for superb customer service. Our lines are open and we await your call!

Our Point of Pride

Let's be honest with one another. We both know the bottom line is your wallet, and the hole that’s rapidly forming in it. We can’t pay off your student debt (although if you want to contribute to ours we won’t complain!), but we can help you make that payment on time. Medical Scrubs Collection offers the most competitive prices on the web, due in large part to Jeff's efforts. By spending a large portion of his time meeting with the numerous manufacturers and establishing genuine and trustworthy relationships, we are able to pass on the subsequent perks to you. Namely top quality at excellent prices, frequent sales, rewards points, and the newest scrubs when they’re still new. Talk about service!

Sales don’t sell scrubs. People sell scrubs. We’re the people behind the sales of the scrubs. Welcome to our family.


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